Saturday, May 24, 2014

Recapping the First Week

Captains Log:
   Hello all and salutations from UWA campus.  As it is Saturday, there was no excavating done today, nor will there be any done tomorrow.  The break in excitement was welcomed as we're all getting adjusted to our early schedules. The dig and various finds have been exciting, and I will touch base on those, but the greatest part so far has been the camaraderie of our small and tight-knit group.
   We have our small dig-area rivalries ( Team Bakery vs. Team Palisade) but everyone is excited when anyone finds something.  Most of us admitted to being hermits most of the time but field school seems to bring out the best in people.
   Being a weekend, I don't currently have access to the photos taken during the week; an oversight that will be rectified in my next post.  We've found what we suspect to be the Northeast corner of the French bakery that was located in Fort Tombecbe, which - with our accumulation of maps and research notes - gives us a starting point for hypothesizing the footprint of the building.  This is a giant discovery, because that can give us the exact location of the oven that we've been hoping to find. We've also found physical objects: glass beads (the biggest was found by yours truly), pottery shards, and pieces of glass.  Hopefully next week Team Bakery can begin to get into the lower levels of our units and open up more excavation units to help complete the footprint of the French bakery.
  Not a lot to report by means of excavating today, but the group has bonded well over the weekend and it is pretty apparent that everyone will keep in touch and become lifelong friends, all thanks to Fort Tombecbe.

Star Date 1014.06.24
Tingle out.

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