Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 19, Week 3

Yesterday, half the group learned to use the Total Station, while everyone else looked on from their units. Today was our turn! The tasks we were set were the same as yesterday's group; in the end, we finished mapping out the land from the road to the woods behind our current units. When the elevation data we collected is turned into a topographic map, it is our hope that patterns may emerge from the landscape that could reveal where other features are hiding. Even if nothing becomes obvious, the fort can now be spatially related to the surrounding land. Most importantly, this means that the area will be very difficult to lose in the future!

Other than collecting data, we spent the day preparing for Community Day. We have a number of surprises planned, and look forward to seeing everyone out at the site tomorrow!
Preparing for Community Day. What is hiding in this unit? Come out and see!

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