Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Reflections With Kayla

Hi Everyone!
   This last week has been very eventful to say the least. At the site we had a very important visitor--Senator Jeff Sessions! It was really cool to meet him and see him out there with us. It turned out to be a very rainy and fun adventure that I'm sure he was not expecting, since we certainly did not! Hopefully, we made a better than good impression on him.
   Also this week we learned what to do and not to do when it rains and we are in the field: 1) do not freak out; if you do you will look crazy since it is just rain. 2) move the buckets UNDER the tents; and 3) (which we all wish we had done first) get all paperwork OUT of the rain. On Thursday we were forced to change things up because of rain, and we were in the lab all day. I personally am not a big fan of the lab BUT it is totally cool to be in the lab and get to find artifacts, (or in my case fossils--hmmm, maybe I am in the wrong profession), that we missed while we were in the field or at the water screen.
   Now that the second week has concluded and we have all had time to think about and digest what it is that we have been looking at, some of us have been able to formulate some hypotheses about the site. I think that this is my favorite part about archaeology. I love coming up with new ideas and thoughts about different things (educated ideas and thoughts, that is). A couple of the ideas we have come up with include that the site could have been used by the British as a trash midden (dump) for French debris that was left behind, or that the debris we are finding are things that could have fallen through the possibly raised floor of the bakery. Going into the third week, I think we are all excited to see what we will uncover next. As we are finishing up units and moving to new ones our hypotheses are changing and ever evolving, and it is very exciting to be apart of it all.

Signing off for now!


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