Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 15, Week 3

Hey Everybody!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I did! We went to Moundville Archaeological Park this weekend and took a tour of the museum there and got to see some of their excavations in the plaza. Let me just say, I am incredibly jealous of their dirt! No chalk and barely any roots! It’s so unfair!
We started off bright and early again today at the site. I was afraid that it would rain for a while because it was so dark but it never did, thank goodness!
We had some volunteers helping out today--Dr. Greg Waselkov and LisaMarie Malischke. They gave some really great talks tonight about French colonial sites that they have excavated. Dr. Waselkov excavated places that were mostly in Alabama.
LisaMarie Malischke and Dr. Greg Waselkov in front of the monument.
Most everyone has a new unit this week, but I’m still on the same one. The trench feature that goes through Andrea, Alex, and Nadine’s units also goes through my unit but is very faint (probably because I dug through it, oops…). On my profile wall are a bunch of rocks that Dr. Dumas thinks could be part of the wall rubble. We aren’t sure if that’s where the wall ends, but hopefully more digging could answer that question. So far today I found a nail, some bone, and charcoal. But the most interesting thing that was found today was one of the biggest pieces of fa├»ence found at the site. Dr. Waselkov removed it from the dirt in the old trench for the fort's palisade wall.

Faience found in the wall trench.
Don’t forget about Community Day this weekend! Its 10-4 so please come out and see us and see what we are doing! Lauren

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