Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 6, Week 1

Hello Readers!

Well this week was definitely a learning experience for me! I have never had an archeology or anthropology class; luckily, Dr. Dumas did a great job explaining everything to us.

The week began with cleaning out the old units. Kayla (my roommate), Jordan and myself started off with digging out the palisade units from 2010, which we never would have been able to finish without Brian. Boy oh boy, was that a job, but it all paid off when we got to see the palisade wall.

Now that I’ve moved to my own unit, I have been able to find some really cool stuff, though not as cool as Kayla and Brett! I’ve discovered colonial nails, bone, brick, glass, pottery, metal pieces, and A LOT of chalk!

We have gotten into the groove of things now, and we are slowly expanding into new units. I have learned so much this week, but so far the most important thing that I’ve learned is to use gloves.  Wear gloves when water screening, gloves when digging, gloves with everything that you need to do.

All of us in our units earlier this week.
Everyday has yielded a new experience for me, whether it’s a talk at Land Hall or something that happens at Sonic with the girls, I’m learning something new.
Until next time,

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