Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 9, Week 2

Today was a very busy and exciting day even in this Alabama heat. It seems to be getting hotter every day. Even though we are in the shade, something I am very grateful for, it is very muggy at the digging site, even in the morning. But this does not keep us from digging. After five days, I am almost finished with my first unit, and we can finally see where the wall of what we presume is the bakehouse continues into my unit. My fellows diggers also made some great discoveries. Sue found the largest piece of pottery seen this year at the site, and more pipe stem has been found over the past two days, mostly by Jordan. More bone and nails have also been found.
We had a special visitor today as well. U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions along with the history department’s Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riser came to the site and with their arrival, came rain. This is definitely not an understatement. Just as Jeff Sessions and friends arrived, it began to sprinkle, and by the time he reached our guest tent, the bottom had fallen out, leading to us all running around to get everything out of the rain. 
Despite the rain, Senator Sessions seemed to enjoy his visit to Fort Tombecbe. Left to right: Nadine Armstrong (UWA), Susanne Crouch (Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock), Brett Shaw (B.A., Kutztown University), UWA College of Liberal Arts Dean Tim Edwards, Alex Nelson (UWA), Valerie Day (Senator Sessions' Mobile representative), Brian Mast (Black Belt Museum Educator), Dr. John Hall (Black Belt Museum Director), U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, Dr. Ashley Dumas, Jordan Mahaffey (UWA), Kayla Slay (University of New Mexico), Ron Stafford (Volunteer from Dothan, Alabama), Lauren Stephens (UWA), Andrea Zrake (University of Pittsburgh)
Even though the rain was a cool down and relief, I am nervous tomorrow will be extremely humid. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!
-Nadine Armstrong-

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