Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5, Week 1

Welcome to Friday, last day of the first week of the 2012 Fort Tombecbe Archaeological  Project. Today was especially eventful because in Andrea and Alex’s unit’s there is now revealed a connecting feature. It is very exciting but I will not say what it is suspected to be because there is nothing definitive yet.
                                                    Andrea's and Alex's Feature

Everyone was tired today but we all are very proud that we have made it to the last day of the first week. For most of us this is our first field experience and so we are sore in our hands, knees and backs but for the rewards it is reaping in field experience and digging up our first artifacts the discomfort is worth it. As long as we are on the topic of artifacts I found a very cool shell bead in my unit yesterday (sorry Brett better luck next week finding a cooler artifact):

Shell Bead Artifact

                Today was really good and now thinking back over the week from day one, things have changed so quickly with our small group.  We have all become really good friends in these last five days, I know the rest of these weeks will go by too quickly for all of us.  Overall this week has been really great! We all have made new friends and acquired new skills for troweling, piece plotting (not peace plotting) and even some skills in jumping off a car. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us!

Signing off for now,


                                                                  Me at the water screen

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