Friday, June 6, 2014

It is the end of week three and the hottest day we have spent out in the field yet. Today we had our weekly unit tour and show and tell to hear about the new discoveries in every ones' areas of the site.

The bakery area shows a lot of promise for a hearth with evidence of ash and a brick floor located next to what is believed to be the bakery wall. This is distinguished by a color change in the soil from light chalk and dirt to a bright red brick colored area. Also found in this area was a piece of metal that would have been a musket ball. This is evidence to show that the French were possibly making ammunition in this area and/or melting down imperfect pieces of lead to reuse. The partially melted piece of lead that was found was encased in a layer of chalk.

In the barracks area there are now four units open, all very different from one another. The first unit is mostly on the earthworks made by the Spanish and contains a large amount of solid chalk. The chalk seems to have been placed there, and there might be soil underneath. There has been pottery, bone, and nails found in this unit. The second unit is just off of the earthworks and has had an abundance of artifacts within it including: forty or more nails, large amounts of animal bone, flint, pottery, charcoal, brick bits, glass, a red bead, and faience. Most of this seems to be undisturbed, most likely because of its placement by the earthworks. The third unit is puzzling and is filled with reddish clay earth… to be continued. The last unit is supposed to be behind the barracks and has yielded a small white bead, a piece of engraved Choctaw pottery, and some bone. 

- Little Foot

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