Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Final Saturday

Captain's Log:

Today was open house and we had some honored guests and a few parents come out to the site for a tour and a glimpse into the inner-workings of archaeology. It was a little foreign for us to give up our air conditioner and late alarm clocks on a particularly hot Saturday, but I think everyone managed to keep it together and impress everyone who visited with our findings; and if not, Brian definitely entertained everyone with his British musket, which I must say was the highlight of the week.
Dr. D looking like a pro.

 Other than that, we believe that Jean has found a rather spectacular hearth. We're speculating (only because we cant prove it with absolute certainty) that it is the original French Bake House hearth. The chalk block wall/foundation that we've found runs over it, meaning that the hearth is the original first hearth and the chalk foundation that we've found is most likely the British reconstruction of the building.  That also makes sense when taking into account the lay of ash in the unit adjacent to hers. That unit happens to be mine and I find it ironic that in the first week I was digging through 20th century charcoal and fire debris, and now i'm digging through a layer of (suspected) 18th century ash, charcoal, and fire debris.  Apparently, this particular spot attracts fire.

 Sadly, this happens to be our last weekend together as a group. We finish up our work on Friday and depart for our post-field school lives.  I don't think anyone came to small-town Alabama expecting or even intending to forge life-long friendships in just a few short weeks, but that is exactly what has happened. It has been a privilege and an honor.

p.s. shout out to everyone who came to visit the site; it was nice meeting new faces and seeing familiar ones.

p.p.s. Happy Birthday to Littlefoot's Mom.

Broadcasting for the last time from Fort Tombecbe,
Stardate 114.7.7
Tingle out.

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