Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 4 Day 1: Death by Cows, Pipe Stems and Musket Balls!


Our day started off calmly. Each of us is focused on completing the units that we've started as we enter our last week.
Team Bakery hard at work

Light Horse (Lee) and Little Foot (Tori) screening dirt from their units

Boone found a molar in his unit in the barracks
As for me, today was extremely surprising (in many ways)! As I finished up Layer A of my unit (about 25-30 centimeters below ground surface), I came across a wonderful artifact: a pipe stem!
Pipe Stem
Pipe stems are very important in historical archaeology sites because they can be dated fairly accurately. The pipe stem bore (or hole) is measured to pinpoint the pipe to a certain date range. Overtime, the size of the bore decreased. The pipe stem that I found had fairly large bore, indicating an early date.

A collection of artifacts from Layer A, including a white bead, Choctaw pottery, bone, and a nail

After I finished Layer A, I started on Layer B, which is composed more of clay and chalk. Right before we packed up for the afternoon, I found a musket ball! It was extremely exciting!!

The Musket Ball
As we left the site, a few of the cows escaped the pasture where they were penned. We tried to round them up, and successfully got the female back in the pasture. However, the male, a bit too attached to my voice, decided to charge. I won’t go into details about what went through my head at that moment. But that cow definitely got within a foot of me before cantering off.  I just thank my lucky stars that I’m here to write about it! 

-        -   Elle, signing off for the last time! It’s been a blast!!

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