Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 3 Day 1: The Barracks & Ghosts

Today Team Palisade worked on our units in the barracks area. My unit is a bit removed from Light Horse’s (Lee) and Little Foot’s (Tori) units. Mine is situated behind where the barracks stood. The picture below features Light Horse and Little Foot, and my unit is far to the right (outside the picture). If I take three steps south of my unit, I’ll be in the ravine!

It’ll be interesting to see what I uncover because this area was hidden from sight from the other areas of the fort. As of today, I have excavated a few centimeters down and found some bones. The bones in one area of my unit were a little bit longer than the length of my palm, and these might possibly be bird bones. The other bones that I found were somewhat flexible and could possibly be fish bones. All of these bones were found lying sideways, indicating that they have not been disturbed since they were thrown there. Further down, I found a few bits of orange brick as well.

My Unit Behind the Barracks

In case you were curious as to what the string is for, I’ll tell you. It helps maintain the boundaries of the unit as you excavate deeper. To create a clean wall, one has to dig directly above the side and down in to the unit.

This evening, Tina Jones gave us a tour and history of downtown Livingston and the campus. We first stopped at the Bored Well, which is a historic well and is located next to the courthouse. Light Horse, Napoleon (BJ) and Boone decided to taste the water of the well:

 This house is one of the oldest in Livingston. People have witnessed a female presence here in this house. In one of the reports, each night a little boy would see a lady rocking next to his bed.

After touring downtown Livingston and hearing the legend of Stephen Renfroe, a sheriff turned outlaw, we made our way to campus. We saw Webb Hall, which used to be a female dorm, and people have heard the shuffling of footsteps. Out of a corner of their eyes, others see a the edge of a skirt going around a corner.

 So, overall it was a pretty quiet (even a little spooky) Monday! There wasn’t too much mangling going on at the site. I have been fighting my urges to battle with nature. I even tried to save a few centipedes!

- Elle the Mangler (I don’t think this title is going away anytime soon!)

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